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Quotations is proper and classy.

Quotations: exact words
                Synonym: direct quotation
Attribution: person who said/wrote it, the source of the quotation
               (We are learning the classic attribution.)

Ex: Bob said_
If the person/source is a great authority figure, you use a colon. :
If the person is not, then you use a comma. ,
BUT: IF what the person is saying is astounding and worthy of amazing-ness, no matter who they are, you use a colon. :

Ex: Bob said:"Give me liberty or give me death!"
                 Bob may not be important, but what he's saying is very important.

Ex: Bob said,"I like watermelons."
                 Bob is not important, and neither is his dialogue.

Ex: Martin Luther King Jr. said:"I have a dream."
                 Martin Luther King Jr. is very important, and so is what he's saying.

*Colon can only be used in instances where the attribution comes first*

End Punctuations:
-The three end punctuations you can use are the period . , question mark ? , and exclamation point ! .
*The punctuation goes INSIDE the quote.  ALWAYS.  Just because.*

Starting With the Quotation:
Ex: "I like watermelons," said Bob.   CORRECT     
      "I like watermelons", said Bob.   INCORRECT
      "I like watermelons." said Bob.   INCORRECT
      "I like watermelons.", said Bob.  INCORRECT
      "I like watermelons". said Bob.   INCORRECT
      "I like watermelons"., said Bob.  INCORRECT

      "Do you like watermelons?" said Bob.   CORRECT
      "Do you like watermelons?," said Bob.  INCORRECT
      "Do you like watermelons?", said Bob.  INCORRECT

 *If a quote would end with a period, change it to a comma*If a question mark or exclamation point just leave it inside the quotes and DO NOT add a comma*

Paraphrase: putting the words/ideas of another person into your own words.
                Synonym: indirect quotaton
Ex: Bob said that he ate six watermelons for breakfast.  CORRECT
      Bob said that I ate six watermelons for breakfast.    INCORRECT
                          ^You do not become Bob when saying this.  You cannot use I.  THIRD PERSON.
*There is no comma after Bob said.  I know, it's weird.  Instead of a comma, write that, which is the correct way to write the sentence according to Latin.*

First person- I love
Second person- You love
Third person- She/he/it/ loves.

Fragments: incomplete thoughts.
              AKA: dependent clause.
              Fragments are incorrect.
Ex: When Bob ate.

Bob= subject
But no complete thought.

ALSO: Bob being hungry.
*Being is NOT a main verb it is a PARTICIPLE*
*Meaning is the same way*

Run on: 2 sentences separated by a comma.
          AKA: comma splice.
          Run ons are incorrect.

Ex: Bob loves watermelons, he ate six of them for breakfast.
       one complete thought       another complete thought
*No more than one complete thought per sentence (until we get to connectors, but that's later)*
*A comma is not an end punctuation, which is why run ons are incorrect*

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