Saturday, September 28, 2013

Grammar Lesson 9-27-13

Grammar test is on Wednesday (October 2) and 10 collective nouns in your grammar notebooks are also due Wednesday.

* When writing informally, you are familiar with your audience (e.g. writing to someone who knows you personally and knows more about you than what is on the page you wrote).
* When writing formally, you aren't familiar with the audience and they only know about you by what is written on the paper.


* proper nouns - capitalized, specific
* common nouns - general, not capitalized
* parts of speech - building blocks of sentence structure
* number noun - noun is either singular or plural; collective noun as the subject determines the form of the verb and pronoun.

Singular collective noun examples:

singular collective nouns - group functioning in unison as one entity

The board allows the girl to go free of all charges.
The congregation walks down my street.
The rock band performed a concert.

Plural collective noun examples:

plural collective nouns - group functioning in unison as one entity OR individuals
- Think of a group working separately.
* When people in a group work individually - plural

The faculty shared their ideas with their boss.
The soccer team ate their victory cake after they won their game.
The cast performed their roles well.
The crew ate dinner at different restaurants.

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