Saturday, October 5, 2013

Structure of an Essay & Grammar Lesson 10-2-13

Structure of an Essay

* Must have five paragraphs (5-12 sentences) or more
* For every paragraph, make a statement, explain the statement, and give an example.
* Read for facts to create more factual essays & read the passage more than once
* Think about what the author is trying to say

Thesis --> Truth --> Thinking

* Communication - Make your expression clear to one.
* Be focused - Whatever questions are asked, be sure to answer each question clearly.
* Write down the question and figure out what the question is trying to ask.
* Be involved in the reading even if you don't enjoy it.
* Create a study group to get some extra help.
* Thesis must be a simple sentence (subject, verb, and one thought), be clear, and include info about what you are writing about; don't assume the reader knows what you are writing about.
* Explanation - requires extensive reading

Do NOT use:  I, me, my, in my opinion, etc.
Instead, use:  seems, appears, suggests, etc.

* For each body paragraph (3+ paragraphs), do not repeat your statements (have different examples for each paragraph) and start with the strongest evidence in the first paragraph.


Verbals - verb form in which the verb functions as a different part of speech (verbals do not want to be verbs).

The gerund is a verbal (verb functioning as a noun)
- Thought of as the "transgender of grammar".
* Add "-ing" to the end of the verb to make it a gerund.
e.g. Dario runs to class. "Runs" is a verb in this sentence.  By adding -ing, we can turn it into a verbal:  Running is Dario's favorite sport.
e.g. 2. Dario likes running.  "Running" is functioning as the direct subject of the sentence.
* When a verbal is proceeded by "to be, is, was, were, etc." they bond together and the verbal becomes the progressive tense of a verb (participle verbal).
* Infinitive verbal - includes "to" plus the verb
e.g. to sleep, to kiss, to hug, to study
* The three verbals are: Gerund, Participle, Infinitive.

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